3 Tips to Enlarge Your Trade Show Booth

When it comes to trade show booths, size matters. A lot. According to a new article in Exhibitor Online, Red Bank, NJ-based Exhibit Surveys Inc. completed a study that shows a direct correlation between an exhibit’s size and the probability that customers will remember it.

Nowadays, many companies are forced to cut costs on trade show exhibits, meaning they’ve got to downsize their exhibit display. So, how is it possible to attract the attention of buyers without overspending? Here are three tips that’ll help your exhibit stand out.

1. Use Mirrors or Murals with Your Trade Show Booth

Mirrors and murals can greatly expand the apparent size of a trade show exhibit. Mirrors can distort perception of depth and space to make an exhibit look a lot larger than it really is. Consider the example of Mitchell Mauk.

Given the task of constructing a trade show exhibit for Amgen, Inc., a maker of pharmaceuticals, Mauk created 3-D models of cells and receptors that were thousands of times larger than a real cell. Mauk, however, didn’t have much room to work with. So, he placed over a thousand square feet of Plexiglas mirrors around the booth’s top.

This made the cells look like living organisms, and won the Amgen booth recognition as one of the top trade show graphics booths at that convention.

2. Try a Tall Exhibit

You can simulate a large exhibit by building tall structures in your trade show exhibit. The architectural world has utilized this tool for centuries. According to award-winning designer Robin Landa of the Manhattan-based firm Lava Dome, “Contrasts in size and height will lead the eye from one element to the next. We tend to read larger, darker elements first.”

At the 2009 International Builders Show, ProBuild implemented a towering entryway that was almost 35 feet above the showroom floor. Although the exhibit was confined to a small space, this simple effect worked to increase the attention and visibility of ProBuild’s exhibit. Know more Details about discover this info her

3. Put Your Product Out of Reach

Another related tool involves placing design objects at high points on your exhibit. When people have to gaze upward to view something, they feel as if they are in the presence of something greater than themselves. Literally, attendees will be “looking up” to your exhibit.